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The Old Feed Mill restaurant has been bringing local farmer’s flavors to the table for well over 16 years.  From local, pasture-based cheeses blended into classic favorites to grains grown in the valleys of Taliesin, stone ground and baked in the hearth of the Mill.  Regional and national publications and television shows have highlighted the qualities that make, the Old Feed Mill one of he culinary and cultural treasures of southern Wisconsin.

Visitors enjoy the rustic elegance of our main dining room.

The spacious upstairs dining room has become a popular spot for weddings, receptions, and meetings for up to 100.


Flouring Mill Bakery
In the Flouring Mill bakery, we make a variety of delicious breads from organic, locally grown wheat and rye. Our flour is ground fresh, daily, in our stone buhr mill. The key to making outstanding bread is in the freshness of the  flour. This takes more effort, but our customers value the difference.